Photography by Hitesh K Shroff specializes in all events – weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, engagements, modeling portfolios, glamour studio portraits, television commercials, and more.

When you look back on your special day, you should relive the excitement and emotion felt on that day.

Photography by Hitesh K Shroff has established a reputation for making your wedding day memorable. We're not simply capturing moments on film and video, but we're capturing the feelings packed in every look, every smile, and every kiss. Our expertise and familiarity spans all cultures. We bring over 25 years of professional experience and our attention to detail is immaculate.

Photography by Hitesh K Shroff approaches each event with a creative, artistic style, that's unique in the Indian community. We're reputed for our 'Mona Lisa' style portraits and our soft light effects. Our prints are all custom prints and of the highest grade. Each print is individually color corrected.

In our video we use top-of the line cameras and state of the art editing equipment. Your final wedding video will be personalized and professional allowing you to relive that memorable day over and over again.

Photography by Hitesh K Shroff is devoted to giving you memories of your special day that last a lifetime. All we ask you to bring – is your smile!

About Us

Hitesh K Shroff's passion for photography began at a young age. At age 21, he had full page photographs in published Illustrated Weekly of India. His pictures were displayed at the Mumbai's prestigious Jahangir Art Gallery. He came to the United States to attend the New York Institute of Photography. He started one of the first 500 photography labs in the United States. During this time, he photographed President Ronald Reagan, George Bush Sr., and Bill Clinton. His works also appeared in various local newspapers.

For the last 25 years, he has also served the Indian Community in various capacities. From shooting the India Day Parade to various weddings. Hitesh takes the saying, "A picture is worth a thousand words" to heart. His artistic goal is for every picture to tell a story and capture some human emotion.